A Futuristic Podcast for Our Current Reality

Let’s Turn Fear into Hope Together


Julius Jessup Peterson of Roots Seeds and Branches presents a podcast entitled, " How to Live Free in Trump's America"

He and invited guests will discuss strategies for building internal resources to know one’s self and be free.

 This podcast will teach for transformation, guests will speak with an awareness that liberation is an outcome of becoming reconciled to the truth.

Ethical issues that many are facing during this time of separation:

"How do I respond to those I love who express hate for others?"

" How do I respond to those who attempt to explain away the violence that is happening to me, or who pretend not to see it?

"How do I respond to those who want to take away my rights as a human being, but claim they love me and their actions are ordained by God?"


Julius will discuss practical strategies for dealing with increased instances of racism and institutional violence in the wake of the “Make America Great Again” era.

Let's all do the work to be FREE....together

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