Evidenced Based Care

We are living in changing times. Our lives require a different set of needs  than those of the generations before us. Thus outdated theories formed by individuals who lived in a different time with different demands and different needs are not applicable to every one.

At Roots Seeds and Branches, we believe in providing care that is based on current and up to date research and reflects cultural competence as an ongoing process. Any mental health provider that does not continue to learn  more than they teach is doing a disservice to you and to our profession. At Roots Seeds and Branches, we attend multiple trainings throughout the year to ensure that we engage in current and grounding breaking interventions in response to your needs.

Person Centered Care

Seeking psychotherapy is not easy.  Many individuals before their first session experience rejection,  shaming, blaming,  and hurt that can not be described in words. You deserve to experience care from some one who is worthy of hearing your story. You do not have to hustle for your worthiness, defend your value, or be diminished.  All of you is welcomed in our space.

At Roots Seeds and Branches,  we listen without judgement  and hold space for your transformation. We listen, teach, coach, and educate in a way that values every part of you and respects where you came from. Each session is an opportunity for self discovery that values your experiences, your relationships, and all of the parts of your life that carry you to this moment.

A Place of Belonging

Belonging is something that many of us are looking for. Healing our pain in isolation can feel overwhelming. Especially, when we feel unheard, ignored, and disrespected in our homes, at our places of employment, and in the relationships that matter the most.

At Roots Seeds and Branches, there is space for your grief, your sadness, and all of the unheard and unacknowledged parts of you. Your needs will be responded to with information, resources, and support that moves you forward into relationships with your self and others. You belong to your self and your deserve the life you want. We are here to help.