When we talk about revealing our feelings, we are often afraid of being judged or evaluated by others. At Roots, Seeds, and Branches, group therapy consists of skill building seminars created to help you live your best life. Self disclosures are kept to a minimum. We believe in the value of each individual telling their story, but group is not at place for instant intimacy. Each group comprises of a maximum of four participants, and each participant  signs a privacy agreement to protect the confidentiality of the experience.

Finding My Safe Place:  A Guided Imagery Group for Survivors of Trauma

This is a one hour group for survivors of trauma to come and develop resources for creating safe spaces in their hearts and minds. Group members are not required to speak or process their responses during the group. Each group will include pyschoeducation regarding mindfulness strategies to integrate into their daily routine and guided imagery exercises that will be recorded live and used daily as a coping skill in response to stress. The cost of the group is $120 per month or a weekly cost of $35 per session.


The Hour of Power: A Stress Management & Productivity Group for Professionals

This is a one hour lunch time pyschoeducation and skill building group for professionals who want resources and skills to cope with the demands of their personal and professional lives. Each group session, the group facilitator present a aspect of mindfulness and offer problem solving strategies for integrating skills and resources presented into your daily routine. Processing of feelings is optional, and not required during the course. The cost of the group is $120 per month or a weekly cost of $35 per session.

Adulting 101 : An Executive Functioning/Stress Management Group for  Students

This is a one hour group for college students to come and learn skills for managing their stressors related to academics and transitioning into adulthood. No processing of feelings or thoughts is required.  For each group session, participants will be introduced to elements of mindfulness that can be incorporated into their daily routine. The cost of the group is $120 per month or a weekly cost of $35 per session.