By the time we get into long-term relationships we have a fair amount of baggage from hurt feelings, broken promises and dysfunctional beliefs from past relationships, our families, friendships and frenemies. Not to mention, unhelpful ideas about power, gender and sexuality that we get from media and social media.  

 At Roots Seeds and Branches, we offer family therapy and group programs to couples and singles in who want to increase the love and freedom in their current and future relationships.

Developing strong partnerships allows us to learn less and grow in ways that we could not anticipate. For those who experience trauma, addiction, and barriers to living a fulfilling life, connecting can be stressful.

With a mixture of humor, warmth, and education,  we offer resources and skills to communicate and relate in healthier ways, expose and heal hidden emotional pain, and strengthen relationships in ways like you have never seen before.

We teach skills for self-love and self care for survivors of trauma and those who love them.  We take on conflicts caused by distrust and dishonesty and create a plan for rebuilding. We offer exercises for setting boundaries and standing up for one's self and for the relationship. Together, we explore what it means create a safe space for both partners to listen well and respond generously and to embrace and appreciate what they have in themselves and each others.

There is a saying that art imitates life and life imitates art. In regard to film and tv, both are true. Movies and shows reflect who we are, and provide a safe space to explore our experiences and feelings.

In our Find Radical Love program, we harness the power of visual media to uncover common issues that we have in relationships. Infidelity. Betrayal. Control. Power. Looking for love in the wrong places. Overly-submissiveness. Discovering own inner power and following our own intuition. Poor communication. Learning to genuinely support our partners. Creating a love relationship without fear or boundaries.

Media provides a window into the human condition. It allow us to see ourselves and others and make better decisions. Join me in Find Radical Love , a group program designed to help individuals and couples create love within themselves and heal past relationship traumas and learn to live as free people within their relationships.

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Meant for couples, singles, and people seeking pre-marital care.

Uncover what is holding you back in your relationships and be open for lasting love.