Have you forgotten your dreams?

Are you feeling beaten down?

Like everything and everyone is working to bring you down?

Do you feel that you are doing the best that you can with what you have, but it just isn’t enough?

Do you feel like your only worth to your loved ones is in what you can give or do for them?

Do you ever pray for peace, and a moment for yourself?

When you share your deep wishes for your life, are you met with laughter or mockery. And then hit with the next request of need?

Do you feel unloved and unseen in your relationships?

Do you feel like your loved ones and family continually break you down?

Do you feel silenced in your own life, in your own home? Like your wants, needs, and desires don’t matter to anyone but yourself?

Are you tired of it all?

Meanwhile, you want to rest in a place of stillness, with no one needing your attention. But...

If I offered to help you change your life, would you even try?

I know you feel weak and unhappy and heavy, but deep down, you no longer expect much for yourself and your life. It simply is what it is, and you have to make do.

In the midst of your struggle and unhappiness, do you blame yourself? Do you believe you deserve your pain?

Do you think, that somehow, you brought this on yourself?


let me stop you right there

You do not deserve your hardships. Your actions or choices do not automatically leave you to live a life of misery. You do not  have to continue in a life that leaves you fundamentally unhappy. You do not need to die in the situation that you are in. You can change your life. You can make new choices. Your life matters and you deserve to live it fully, from this day forward, as a person who is worthy of love and compassion and forgiveness and contentment and peace. You deserve a meaningful life where you start to receive what you actually want. It is ok to dream and believe in yourself again. You can be seen and heard in your life. You can live free from past mistakes. From old traumas. From beliefs that hold you back from your best life.

Worthiness, deserving, visibility, lack of resources can all disappear.


Roots, Seeds and Branches LLC is a mental health practice that formed to assist you seeking freedom in your life. Regardless of your transition or trauma, including your times of intense difficulty, trouble, trauma, depression, anxiety, or distress in any area of life, we work to help you feel free and able to breath.

Roots, Seeds and Branches LLC is an integrative mental health experience that includes psychotherapycoaching, and education for the liberation of the human heart.

Whether you are going through a hard life transition or a descending into something painful or harmful, each requires an inner strength that needs to be nourished.If you are looking to integrate more spirituality into your life, Roots, Seeds and Branches LLC provides an opportunity to establish a deep relationship between your spirituality and your desire for strength and connection.




Living as a free person means developing resources so that you can stand on your own and live your life on your own terms.


You can be strong and powerful and your full self, AND be in loving relationship while also holding your loved ones accountable.


You realize that you love your life, and not only that, you feel that a weight that you’ve been carrying on your neck and shoulders is no longer there. 




Group Therapy for Living Your Best Life

At Roots, Seeds, and Branches, group therapy consists of skill building seminars created to help you live your best life. We believe in the value of each individual telling their story...

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Designing Positive Relationships for Singles and Couples

We offer family therapy and group programs to couples and singles in who want to increase the love and freedom in their current and future relationships...

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Individual Therapy for Your Real Needs

Your needs will be responded to with information, resources, and support that moves you forward into relationships with your self and others... 

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Executives Skills & Performance Coaching

If you are looking to make a bold professional or academic move, and live as a free person while doing it, contact our team at Roots Seeds and Branches to set up an initial call...  

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