On Real Love

Do you often hear, “If you loved me, you would do x, y, and z”?

We have been fooled into thinking that real love requires submission. That my love for you means that I have to bend to your expectations and needs at the expense of my own.

Real love does not require you to be submissive or obedient to show your love for others. You can be strong and powerful and your full self, AND be in loving relationship while also holding your loved ones accountable.

You do not have to engage in behaviors that lead you to give up your freedom.

You have the ability and the responsibility to choose yourself.

Ultimately, each of us are responsible for our own needs if we are going to live as free people. None of us have to conform or comply  to an idea or expectation to prove our love.

As your therapist, it is my honor to help you to treat each moment each day as an invitation to love yourself, helping you live your life with intention.

Regardless of your situation or the constraints on your life, you do not have to live in bondage. You can live as a free person.